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Thomson Reuters: Gay Marriage Ban Bad For Business

During the 2010 election, Target donated money to a Tom Emmer (R) PAC, which was exposed by Minnesota’s transparency laws. There was a backlash, particularly from their gay employees – who Target has otherwise been good to. It was a … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton Opposes North Carolina Gay Marriage Amendment

What the Bible says is irrelevant. The marriage laws are not written to support the Bible, “Holy Matrimony”, or “the sanctity of marriage”. They are written to support families. There are thousands of laws defining the rights and responsibilities of … Continue reading

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Iowa ousts three Supreme Court justices, sets stage for push to overturn gay marriage

While removal of a judge from the bench is an important part of the checks and balances of our government, it is intended as a redress of judicial misbehavior, not for partisan manipulation of the courts. Continue reading

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