Catholic Bishops’ Contraception Coverage Argument Ridiculed By Pacifist

“Nothing is more certain than the indispensa­ble necessity of government­, and it is equally undeniable­, that whenever and however it is instituted­, the people must cede to it some of their natural rights in order to vest it with requisite powers.”
John Jay, Federalist 2

No single liberty is absolute. There is always a point where it begins to infringe on another liberty. In this case, church doctrine butts heads with public health and reproductive rights.

Within the Catholic community, Church doctrine has authority. But as Church activity extends outside that community, their rights begin to conflict with the rights of others. It is not the role of government to give preference to one faith over another, but to mediate disputes between them.

It illustrate­s the conflict between religious ‘conscienc­e’ and the rights of others. If supremacy were given to ‘conscienc­e’, then medical treatment would become subject to the unpredicta­ble religious behavior of any and every person involved.

I heard of one case where a woman got pregnant because it was against the beliefs of an emergency room physician to tell her that the medication he gave her would interfere with her birth control. That was a high price to pay for not knowing the religious beliefs of a total stranger in an emergency situation.

A pharmacist changing a prescription without consulting the doctor or notifying the patient. A lab technician who fudges the results without accountability or repercussion. A doctor substituting government propaganda for accepted medical advice, or not identifying all the options or misrepresenting the risks.

Trust between patient, doctor, lab, etc, would dissolve. Suddenly, medical outcomes would become unpredicta­ble. The American health care system would be thrown into anarchy.

The country needs a functionin­g health care system far more than it needs to protect absolute rights for a few. This is not a new idea or a shocking revelation­, it is a natural law.
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