How many gays does it take to change a mind?

I watched Rep. Steve Simon on the Minn. House floor the other day, and I was impressed. All the DFLers were posing excellent questions that the republicans persistently evaded – even complaining that they keep getting the same questions. I was reminded of something I heard once: While all answers are replies, not all replies are answers. It illustrated just how mindless, partisan, and off-focus their legislation was.

In the past, I have posed the question: If God sees fit to make some people gay, who are we to call Him wrong? This is a clip of Rep. Simon stating the same general idea in a more diplomatic manor:

My first attempt to embed a video, but I thought it was important enough to try. This may be the time to remember another eloquent bit of testimony:

Social conservatives seem to use their prejudices to partly define their religion, then use their religion to rationalize their prejudice. They take the view that their religious rights supersede all rights of all others, even the religious rights of others. They are wrong.

This is but one example of how the cohabitation of faith and the law is a corruption of democracy, and how the marriage of church and state suppresses liberty. This is not the American Way, it is the way of religious persecution.

Tell them to stop! Question them at every opportunity. Embarrass them with their own hypocrisies. Separation is the only path to religious freedom.

Rep. Steve Simon asks ‘How many gays must God create?’ in viral video

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