National Organization for Marriage’s anti-DFL text raises questions of legality

Minnesota Family Council  and National Organization for Marriage are among the tyrants trying to turn this country into a theocracy of religious persecution. Far from being “the hope of MN and the nation”, they exist to attack the rights of “anyone with a difference(sic) religion then(sic)” theirs.

The beliefs of those with strong religious convictions are not open to negotiation or compromise. When unbending religious convictions are applied to public policy and law, negotiation and compromise, both of which are core aspects of democracy and a free society, fall by the wayside. Without compromise, there can only be complete conformance – or tyranny.

Complete conformance rejects religious freedom, requiring all to conform to a single belief system. Yet religion is based on belief, and belief cannot be forced or legislated. Faith can only be by choice, or it is not real faith.

MFC and NOM promote policies that can only end in tyranny, while leaving democracy in a shambles. In their defiance of the Constitution, they are dangerous to the continuance of our Constitution and constitutional government.

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