Kline to push for controversial religious school vouchers

catholic school

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Funding religious education is a direct violation of the first amendment.

For those who feel that the tax money belongs to the people, let’s take a look:
1.31% of the federal budget goes to the Department of Education. The amount of the people’s money allocated at the federal level for education would be 1.31% of the net federal taxes paid. We could give anyone who wants to send their kids to a parochial school a 1.31% tax deduction on their 1040 so they can use their money on the education of their choice. They can also use their own money for the rest of the cost not covered by that 1.31% deduction.

Most of the per-student money is not coming from their money, it is coming from OUR money – the other taxpayers, the ones who have no responsibility to support their religion.

If people want to opt out of public education, fine! It will cut costs for the rest of us. Your individual liberty at work! Just be prepared to foot the entire bill yourself, personal responsibility being so important.

It would go against conservative economic principles to prop up failing private schools, just as it would be wrong to publicly subsidize private enterprise. If the Catholic schools are failing financially, then we should let them fail.

The country has a vested interest in an educated population. But considering the importance of science in our future, a religious education does not meet that criteria. The commitment is to educate, not to spend money to educate.

Keep your theocratic hands off MY tax dollars!

State funding for teaching religion is very much an establishment of religion.

The State has a vested interest in educating the citizens because educated citizens are more productive and prosperous. This includes teaching things that have nothing to do with religion, and things that are a real part of the physical world but not consistent with some religious beliefs. There is no government monopoly here. There are, as the article mentioned, parochial schools – which are in decline. There is also the option of home schooling, which has been on the rise and half my family have taken advantage of. They did this for religious reasons, and I have seen the limits it has placed on their kids’ futures.

Religion should be taught in the respective houses of worship, by responsible people of faith. It should not be taught by just anyone. Make no mistake here, the Constitution explicitly states: “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” This includes Presidents legislators, judges, … and teachers.

“And if the kids choose to pray in the middle of the day what in God’s name is it any business of yours?”

Kids can pray five times a day, for all I care – just as long as they don’t do it on the public dime or interfere with the rights of others.

“As long as they cover the general curriculum of the state and the kids are passing the tests, why do you care what the name on the building says or if they pray or not?”

Religious indoctrination is the issue. The government cannot do it without destroying freedom of religion. It is not for the government to favor or support one religion over another, or to judge one superior to another. It is the role of government to protect the religious rights of all by remaining neutral and mediating disputes.

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